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Lose yourself in our beautiful range of hand selected crystals and find the perfect stone for your mind, body, spirit & home.
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What's To Love?

Niramaya is more than just a crystal store


The Concept

Niramaya Crystals is a curated evolution of a concept that we need to stop living for the few big moments in life and start celebrating the many small ones.  Divine self-nurture products, spiritual growth tools and energetic healing supports have been carefully selected and brought together in the one place to help you live a deeply holistic life. 

It's the little moments that make a lifetime, make them count...


The Products

Niramaya has a wide range of bath, body and home aroma products to help you immerse deeper into your self-nurture journey.

Each product is lovingly hand-crafted at Niramaya and made with the highest quality ingredients.

We've also partnered a range of businesses that share similar ethics. From fair trade sound bowls from Nepal  to hand-beaten Nousaku meditation candles from Japan to hand-crafted Koshi chimes from France, we've done the gathering so that you don't have to.


The Ethics

Niramaya has a strong commitment  to ensuring that environmental and social issues have been an important factor in all aspects of the business from the paper we print on to the final products.

Our packaging is reusable, recyclable and where possible compostable.

Niramaya is all about supporting small business, especially women in business. As we grow we are adding items from local small businesses and artists to our range. Lets grow together.

We believe that cultures need to be respected. Culturally sensitive items have been sourced from ethical businesses.


The Community

Who would we be without community? 

We love, love, love building community. Our online spaces are an incredible space for people from all walks of life all over the country, to come together for sharing, support, love, laughs, healing and togetherness.

Now, the new shop is set to build the in-person community. From chatting and story sharing in store to upcoming workshops, women's circles, readings and healings, we look forward to seeing the space grow.


Our New Shop has Opened

Come in and explore everything Niramaya in person. Pick up a gift, find a new treasure or join the community in a fun and educational workshop.

U5/183 Para Rd

Greensborough, VIC. 3088

Vikky L.

Some of my favourite pieces in my collection are from Niramaya Crystals. Expect to find a varied selection of beautiful quality products. Customer service is exceptional. I can’t wait for my next purchase.

Chris L.

When you pick up that a business isn't just a business and there is a lot of passion, care and love put in, it can be a rare thing and keeps me coming back

Jennifer P.

I have been a very happy customer for many years. Quality of crystals, homewares etc and customer service are exceptional and prices are fair. Zu puts alot of love into her self care products and the range is even suitable for my very sensitive skin. Highly recommend

Come and join the Niramaya community for a fun filled evening at one of my crystal and metaphysical live shows.  Tuesdays & Wednesdays 7pm AEST

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All information contained within this website is for reference purposes and intended as a guide only. The use of crystals, herbs, body products, essential oils and metaphysical items should never be considered without guidance from medical professionals, nor should they replace proper treatment, medications and other medical interventions. The information is based on common and personal opinion only and therefore should not be considered to be fact. Niramaya Crystals, all associates and legal entities will not be held accountable for any misuse of items sold resulting in harm or injury to any persons, property or pets.

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