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"Small moments of self nurture
add up to create a big life of self love" 

- Zunami White


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Banjara Smudging Incense Sticks

Banjara Smudging Incense Sticks


Each packet is 15g and contains 10 sticks


  • Incense Properties

    Copal - positivity, love, cleansing, clearing negative energy, brings peace to the home.

    Myrrh - ease pain and stress, break hexes and curses, protection against magical and psychic attack.

    Lavender - cleansing and purification, psychic protection, increased clairvoyance, happiness, healing, tranquility, relaxation, sleep, luck, prosperity and wellbeing. Bringer of love, peace, joy, happiness, balance and clear comunication.

    Patchouli - anxiety, stress, depression, money spells, spiritual grouth, mastery for yourself or another, nostalgia, passion and relaxation.

    Jasmine - The name Jasmine is derived from the Persian word Yasmeen, meaning 'gift from god' and is often used as a gift to various dieties. Burn Jasmine when searching for love or a soul mate or just as a beautiful offering to the universe.

    Cedar Pine - protection, cleanse, good energy and eliminates negative energy. Carrys prayer to the creator. Calming, soothing, confidence and strength.

    Palo Santo - welcome creativity, love and good fortune to your space, brightens energy, promotes feelings of positivity and joy, reduces stress and anxiety, enhances clarity and concentration.

    White Sage - remove negative energy.

    Rosemary - energetically cleanse your person and your space before and after someone enters your home or when you feel the energy feels stale. It is a powerful cleaser for your home and your own aura. Memory, concentration and study.

    Sweetgrass - promotes happiness and harmony, attract positive energies. Burn Sweetgrass after white sage to bring positivity.

    Sandalwood -  mental clarity, relaxation, sleep, relieve anxiety, lift melancholy, natural antiseptics cleanse the air.

    Arruda Rue - protection, purification, unlock or open paths, cleanse the home, increase vibrations to attract prosperity and luck, ritual purification, invigorate the mind and body when tired. It allows the energy to flow, acts like a protective shield from negative influences.

    Wild Rose -  creates an energetic shower, connect with your goddesses, attract or enhance love icluding towards yourself, improves mood, increases energy, compassion, restores depletion.  

    Cinnamon - passion, lust and desire, raises your energy. 

    Benzoin - purification, astral projection, clears negative energy, brings in emotional balance, eases saddness, depression, grief, anger, anxiety and weariness, attracts prosperity.

    Dragon's Blood - increase the potency of spells for protection, love, banishing and sexuality.

    Frankincense - reduce stress and anxiety, purification, meditation, spiritual protection and to enhance spiritual development.

    Nag Champa - nostalgia, passion and relaxation

  • Quality

    Ethically sourced, handmade, supports indigenous cultures, eco product, not tested on animals, chemical free.

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