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"Small moments of self nurture
add up to create a big life of self love" 

- Zunami White


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Gold Sheen Obsidian chips small - 100g

Gold Sheen Obsidian chips small - 100g


Approx.  3-6mm.

You may not recieve the exact stone seen in the image however similar quality is guaranteed.



  • Healing Properties

    Gold Sheen Obsidian is a powerful stone that helps to protect its user from negative energies. It is a type of volcanic glass that has a unique and beautiful sheen of gold and silver. This stone is known to be an excellent grounding and shielding crystal that helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It is believed to bring emotional balance and clarity of thought, aiding in decision making. Gold Sheen Obsidian can also help to strengthen intuition and increase self-discipline.


    Pain relief

    shock recovery

    Bowel problems




  • Associations

    Chakra: Root

    Zodiac: Scorpio

    Candle Colour: Burgundy

    Dieties: Sekhmet



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