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"Small moments of self nurture
add up to create a big life of self love" 

- Zunami White


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Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao


250g chopped paste

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  • About

    Unlock the pure bliss of GC Ceremonial Grade Cacao! Made from organic cacao sourced from Peru's Amazon region, this beautiful elixir nourishes your body and uplifts your spirit. Indulge in its rich flavours and enjoy benefits like enhanced clarity, mood, and heart health. Whether for daily enjoyment or special moments of relaxation, our ceremonial cacao invites you to savour the goodness of nature. Elevate your well-being and experience the magic of cacao today! 

    Origin: Sourced from the lush Amazon region of Peru, our 100% Organic GC Ceremonial Cacao is cultivated from single-origin Criollo variety cacao. 

    Sustainability: Our cacao is produced using sustainable farming practices that promote favourable living conditions for farmers and their families. 

    Honouring Ancient Traditions: We pay homage to Pachamama - Mother Earth, and the ancient Chavin culture. The Jaguar is revered as the guardian of the cacao tree, while the Monkey played a vital role in spreading its seeds through the jungle. Embrace the vibrancy of Mother Nature and connect with the rich history of cacao for a journey to pure bliss. 

    Pure and Unadulterated: Our GC Ceremonial Cacao comes in a beautiful 600-gram block or a pre-chopped 250-g bag, with nothing added or removed. It is pure cacao in its natural form. 

    Health Benefits: Cacao is a superfood, rich in antioxidants, magnesium, and iron. It is known to boost mood, enhance cognitive function, and improve heart health. By incorporating our Ceremonial Cacao Paste into your daily wellness routine, you nourish your mind, body, and spirit, supporting overall well-being. 

    Spiritual Enhancement: This internal cacao is recommended for enhancing spiritual practices such as meditation, journaling, breathwork, cacao ceremonies, or grounding walks in nature. It provides a sacred and supportive experience for your spiritual journey. 

    Preparation: To enjoy, simply break off a desired portion of the Ceremonial Cacao block and melt it into warm water or your favourite plant-based milk. Stir gently until fully combined, infusing intention and gratitude into the process. Savour the rich flavours and embrace the transformative power of ceremonial cacao. 

    Storage and Shelf Life: Store your ceremonial cacao in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture to maintain its freshness and quality. Proper storage conditions will help preserve the cacao's flavour and texture over time. Refer to packaging for best before date.

  • Precautions

    Health Considerations: 

    Antidepressant Use: 

    If you are taking antidepressants or 5HTP, a general guide suggests that consuming a 15-20g dose of cacao is generally safe. However, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare professional for personalised advice. 

    MAOI Antidepressants: 

    Cacao should be avoided if you are taking MAOI antidepressants. MAOI prevents the breakdown of tyramine, a compound found in cacao, which can cause dangerous spikes in blood pressure. If you are unsure about your antidepressant medication, please consult your doctor before consuming cacao. 

    Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: 

    Cacao is generally considered safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding when consumed in moderation. A recommended serving size of 15-20g is suggested for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals. 

    Heart Conditions and Blood Pressure: 

    If you have heart conditions, high blood pressure, or low blood pressure, it is advisable to consult with a doctor before using cacao. Starting with a lower dose of 15-20g may be recommended. 

    Bleeding Disorders: 

    Consult with a doctor if you have a bleeding disorder or are taking related medication before consuming cacao. 

    Note: This information is intended as a general guide. It is important to consult with your trusted healthcare professional for personalised advice, especially if you have specific health conditions or are on medication.

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