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"Small moments of self nurture
add up to create a big life of self love" 

- Zunami White


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Crystal Rituals by the Moon: Raising your vibration through every cycle

Crystal Rituals by the Moon: Raising your vibration through every cycle


Author: Leah Shoman


  • Genre

    BODY, MIND, SPIRIT / Divination with Crystals / New Age Spirituality / Moon Magick

  • About the Book

    Crystal Rituals by the Moon has been created as not only as a guide for beginners, but also for
    seasoned crystal collectors and healers. This practical book offers real-life crystal and lunar rituals
    and healing applications that can be practiced every day. Discover different crystal shapes,
    formations, and inclusions and understand how to use their frequency to raise your vibration.
    Understand how to use crystals to face trauma and shadow. Using specific rituals, learn the different
    methods to cleanse, charge, and program your crystals and keep them operating to their fullest
    capacity. Embrace 13 practical crystal healing rituals for each lunar cycle. Leah Shoman has used her
    own crystal healing journey to inspire and motivate you into connecting to your own intuition and
    Source on a deeper, more authentic level.

  • Specifications

    Author: Leah Shoman
    Publisher:‎ Rockpool Publishing, New York
    Printed in: China
    Illustrated edition (21st July 2022)
    Hardcover, 208 pages
    ISBN: ‎978 1 9259 4684 0
    Format: Hardcover
    Language: English
    Dimensions: ‏20.96 x 19.05

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