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"Small moments of self nurture
add up to create a big life of self love" 

- Zunami White


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Crystal Sound Healing Oracle

Crystal Sound Healing Oracle


Author: Jeralyn Glass. 


  • Genre

    BODY, MIND, SPIRIT / Sound Divination / Crystal Divination / Tarot / Oracle Cards

  • About the Deck

    The first deck of its kind, Crystal Sound Healing Oracle focuses on crystal alchemy singing bowls and will help the deck user integrate healing sound vibration into their daily life. Lemurian seed crystal. Moldavite. Rose quartz infused with platinum. Labradorite with gold essence. Azeztulite and palladium. This is just a sampling of the 44 crystal alchemy singing bowls-crystalline instruments made of quartz and then infused with "alchemy," powerful additions of gemstones, metals, earth substances, or minerals-portrayed in the card deck. The bowls themselves are beautiful sonic pieces of art, and each has a unique energy and emanation. Their vibrations can be experienced as grounding, centreing, balancing, accelerating, and inspiring.The deck is composed of 48 cards, with 44 cards featuring single bowls and 4 cards featuring harmonic sets. The accompanying guidebook includes information about what the alchemy of each bowl represents and what the reader is being guided to meditate upon or remember. The reverse of each card also has a QR code to direct the reader to a recording of the bowl, so that they can experience the healing power of sound for themselves.

    Jeralyn Glass is an internationally known singer, meditation leader, sound healing practitioner and crystal singing bowl master alchemist.

  • Specifications

    Publisher:‎  Hay House, USA

    Cards:  48

    Illustrated (2 May 2023)

    Guidebook:  128 pages

    ISBN:  978 1 4019 7178 6

    Language:  English

    Dimensions:  ‏9.91 x 3.45 x 13.64 cm

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