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"Small moments of self nurture
add up to create a big life of self love" 

- Zunami White


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The Book of Stones

The Book of Stones


Author: Robert Simmons & Natasha Ahsian


560 pages

  • Genre

    BODY, MIND, SPIRIT / Complementary therapies / Healing and Health

  • About the Book

    Offering an illuminating alphabetical journey through the mineral kingdom, this comprehensive reference guide takes you deep into the world of crystals and their uses for spiritual awakening and self-healing.
    The Book of Stones has two introductory chapters by authors Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons detailing how to work with crystals and stones and exploring the concept of crystal resonance. The book then explores 455 crystals, minerals, gemstones describing, with vivid colour photographs for each stone:

    metaphysical energies physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits

    scientific information including structure, hardness, known locations
    its element and chakra correspondence

    its history and any relevant legend or lore from the past

    This edition also includes an index of the stones’ healing and energetic properties, making it easy to find the stone best suited to your needs.

  • Specifications

    Author: Robert Simmons & Natasha Ahsian
    Publisher: ‎ Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
    Printed in:
    Illustrated edition (1st March 2021)
    Paperback: ‎ 3 rd edition; 560 pages
    ISBN: ‎ 978 1 6441 1385 1
    Language: ‎ English
    Dimensions: ‎ 3 x 27.6 x 17.8 centimetres
    Weight: 1.302 kilograms

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