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"Small moments of self nurture
add up to create a big life of self love" 

- Zunami White


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Green Aventurine Mala Beads with Tassel

Mala Beads

PriceFrom $75.00

108 crystal beads, separated by knots. Large guru bead & quality tassel. Gift bag and instructional information included.

  • About Mala Beads

    Dating back to the 16th century BC, Mala Beads are the origin of other religious beads. They were developed to keep the mind focused during periods of meditation and are considered sacred. They are mediums of peace, enlightenment, and reminder of one's own internal divinity. 

    They are used to keep count of the repetitions when reciting or chanting mantras, allowing you to focus on the sound of the mantra, rather than counting. Begin with the bead beside the guru bead and move from bead to bead, turning the thumb around each, until you arrive at the bead on the other side of the guru bead.

    Mala beads can be used to gain guidance and protection, for prayer, meditation, and self-reflection. Crystal beads can also be used for cleansing the chakra system and for crystal healing, helping calm your mind and bring inner peace. 

    Commonly consisting of 108 beads, and a larger 109th guru bead connecting the ends, followed by a tassel, the significance of Mala Beads containing 108 beads is, the 108 sacred sites in India, 108 sacred texts, and 108 marma points in the body. There are 108 lines of energies that connect in order to form the heart's chakra, the sun's diameter is 108 times the earth's diameter. 108 is a multiple of 18,  which is the number linked to the word 'Chai' which means 'life'.

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